20 years later… Chaney’s Dairy Barn hits big milestone

WARREN COUNTY, Ky. – A community staple attraction developed by a family that’s been around for 8 generations, Chaney’s Diary Barn has touched a lot of people over the years it’s been operational.

Carl Chaney who owns the farm alongside his wife Debra, just got etched into the newest version of the farm’s corn maze. Carl said he and Debra were unaware that the management team decided to include their portraits in the design and in Carl’s opinion, it’s probably the best maze they’ve had.

In the maze there are a few posts up over the 6 acres of corn that are interactive. The maze is a who-dun-it kind of adventure with lights that illuminate the maze in the evening, and on a bridge in the field, you can see the whole property which is truly a sight.

It goes without saying that 20 years is a long time for anything, so News 40 decided to ask Carl a few things about so many years of being a business owner. Carl said he and Debra have had years before where it seemed they didn’t have much to show for all the work  put in. Carl told News 40 that there were some years were they were increasing profit by 100,000, but the expenses unfortunately outpaced the revenue and that’s something you have to be careful of when running a business. Carl said it’s not about revenue per se, but how you can keep at the end of the year.

The farmer said to News 40 that they’re also working on a way to thank the 400+ employees they’ve have over the decades, to which he said he knows they’re running behind but mentioned that it has been a very busy and blessed year for the farm with things like the Guy Fieri special they worked on.

But over all the years, both Carl and his wife would say that the best part of running a business would be the customers and the employees. Carl said most of their employees are high school kids and it’s nice to see them grow and gain some experience as well as seeing all the families pour in with their children who are excited to get on the playground.