101-year-old woman inspires younger generations

TOMPKINSVILLE, Ky.- How many people do you know over the age of 100? And how many people do you know over the age of 100 who can play the guitar?

Meet Iris Bartley. She’s 101 years old, turning 102 this December. Iris lives by herself, ever since her husband passed away in 1992. She’s completely independent and still inspiring the younger generations through her music.

And she plays guitar and sings in her free time,  she said she raised her four children in a musical household and they still get together to play. 

Iris has four children, 14 grandchildren, 30 great grandchildren and 11 great great grandchildren. 

“I was just raised in music. It was all just a gift for us, we didn’t take any lessons or anything like that, it was just what we were used to doing. I sing alto and the other children do the other parts,” said Bartley. 

She went to the doctor last week and he told her she’s in such good health that her life expectancy is 110 years old.