“You All Brought Me Back To My Family” – COVID-19 Survivor Says Thanks

(KSHB/NBC News) Shakell Avery spent weeks on a ventilator at Menorah Medical Center in Overland Park, Kansas fighting the novel coronavirus. His family didn’t know if he would make it and neither did his doctors or his nurses.

Avery returned to the hospital Tuesday, walking and talking, thanking those who helped care for him.

“You all brought me back to my family,” he said. “I look at you guys as a family as well.”

Sara Stremel was one of the nurses who cared for Avery.

“Hearing him speak is one thing and to see him stand and takes steps is beyond something we thought we would ever even see,” Stremel said.

Doctors credit plasma for helping save Avery’s life. The 23-year-old became one of the first patients in the region to receive convalescent serum therapy clinical transfusion.

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