Xtreme eating 2019: America’s unhealthiest meals

(NBC News) The 2019 Xtreme Eating Awards are out, highlighting what the Center for Science in the Public Interest describes as “nutritional nightmares.”

“Most of our award winners had a least an entire day’s calories,” says CSPI senior nutritionist Lindsay Moyer.

Most people wouldn’t consume four double cheeseburgers from Burger King, and a large Coke all at once, but it’s the caloric equivalent of one order of Top Golf’s Injectible Donut Holes.

The Cheesecake Factory’s Cinnamon Roll Pancakes clock in a 2,000 calories and 33 teaspoons of sugar.

“That’s like eating 11 Krispy Kreme glazed donuts,” Moyer notes.

And it’s not just sweets.

Jimmy John’s 16-inch Gargantuan sub has more than 7,000 milligrams of sodium.

“The big problem is over time, consuming a steady diet of these meals, or even typical restaurant food, raises the risk of obesity, Type 2 diabetes and heart diseases,” Moyer warns.

The Cheesecake Factory issued a statement saying in part that many guests “want to celebrate and not be concerned with calories. Others want to share their dish.”

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