WWE fan gets surprise video from his hero, John Cena

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The gift was a birthday present unlike any other for Asher Lewis, a child who has both beat cancer and is living with down syndrome, a video message from his hero, WWE superstar and Hollywood actor John Cena.

“It’s John Cena!” Asher exclaimed when he saw the face on the phone screen.

The video message from John Cena said this:

“Hey Asher! 16 times WWE champ John Cena here saying, ‘You can’t see me’. I wanted to personally send you a video and a thank you. I heard you went to the Louisville show, and you we’re all decked out in a beautiful sense of style. Thank you so much for being such a big WWE fan. I personally wanted to say thank you, and hopefully we’ll see you soon.”

Asher loves John Cena and says his friend John Cena loves him too.

It all started after Asher’s father, Scott Lewis, reached out on Facebook looking for help connecting with John Cena after Asher attended a WWE fight in Louisville and couldn’t meet John Cena in person.

“He was really disappointed. And he’s like, why didn’t I get to meet John Cena? And so I posted something just saying hey, you know, it kind of stinks and somebody reached out to me and said, Hey, why don’t you just put something out there and say, ‘Hey, share this and try to get somebody’s attention,’” said Scott Lewis.

So that is exactly what he did.

Sharing the video with his son was the best present he could have imagined.

“I just knew this would make his life at this point. And he just loves seen it so much that he just I mean, I was just I was like a kid on Christmas because I just wanted to give it to him so bad,” said Scott Lewis.