WKU Soccer ready for new season

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – With the COVID-19 pandemic plus two season in one year — WKU Hilltoppers soccer has dealt with the unconventional.

“I have never had a traditional season but getting back into it I mean it’s been it’s a nice was a quick turnaround,” WKU Sophomore Lilly Rummo said. “I’s been fun we’ve been getting after it.”

But through the chaos WKU has proven to come out on top winning a division title. Now they’ll have to battle the unprecedented yet again. Between a tough schedule and a young squad — Head Coach Jason Neidell knows the formation of a team takes time.
“Well, new team New Year, but the goals are always the same,” Neidell said. “We want to be champions and we want to win the team the players are invested in that process. And I keep telling this but it’s a marathon not a sprint. You know we don’t have to be we don’t have to be the best version of ourselves just yet. We got we got a little bit at least a little bit of time to get there.”
The identity of this year’s Hilltopper group; protect the net at all costs.
“We really are going to have to hang our hat on being a really stingy team defensively,” Neidell said. “I think we’re gonna score some goals. But you know, we’re not going to be in a whole lot of 4-3 games, games are gonna be 1-0 kinds of games. And so we’re gonna have to be really really proud and stingy defensively to be successful.”
And WKU feels the Hilltoppers could bring home a championship with hard work and a relentless attitude.
“I mean, we’re here to win,” the graduate student said. “That’s exactly ours. I mean, that’s our number one goal this year. And I think we have a squad to do it. We’ve had to squad to do every single year it just might not have clicked and I think last year you know, taking that first step and claiming that East Division title was one of those moments for us. It was like we’re here and we’re here to play and we’re gonna compete with anybody and I mean to play three schools and the top 25 on our home turf is incredible and an amazing opportunity to really see what we’re made of.”