WKU Program celebrates 98th anniversary reaching $100 million in endowments

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – WKU’s College Heights Foundation reaches its 98th anniversary this summer, surpassing $100 million in its endowment going towards WKU students. 

The CHF became official in July of 1923 when a professor donated $100 wanting to help out students. It was established to accept donations to make loans to students, endow scholarships and invest in campus buildings and other improvements.

The CHF currently raises more than 1,300 funds and benefits for over 2,000 students annually. 

CHF President Donald Smith said the foundation celebrates not just the monetary numbers, but the individual victories they help students achieve.  

“It’s more than just the number 100 million. It’s more about the lives that we’ve been able to impact. Since the College Heights Foundation was founded, we’ve been able to impact students’ lives. Last year we were able to impact more than 2,000 students, gave away between $5,000 and $6,000 annually. And, it really changes their trajectory. So, we can say it’s about a scholarship, but it’s really about transforming their lives and improving their future,” said Smith.

WKU students wanting to apply for the College Heights Foundation’s endowment’s financial gifts can head over to the school’s website and visit the top dollar page.