WKU Police prepare for school to start

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Classes have started for grade school which means college kids will be heading to the Hill soon.

An influx of students also means campus police will be out patrolling the area.

The campus police department at WKU is a separate entity from the other local law-enforcement agencies consisting of sworn officers.

Their main goal is keeping students safe and building relationships with the community.

The WKU Police Department offers a service 24 hours a day where they will accompany someone walking alone.

The school also has poles with blue lights with button that will call the campus police directly apposed to a cell phone calling the city dispatch first.

“It’s nice to feel safe in your own school, because I don’t think every school has that kind of presence,”said Kayley Florea, a WKU student.

The department is reminding drivers to watch out for one-way roads and pedestrians.