“What-a-couple” – 62 years of love…and burgers

(KCBD/NBC News) A Lubbock, Texas couple who visit their neighborhood Whataburger religiously got a special surprise from their favorite fast-food chain restaurant for their 62nd anniversary.

Denora and Billy Joe Morman, better known as Danny and B.J., got married when she was just 17 and he was 21 in 1957. This couple says they love to spend time together, especially when it involves Whataburger. In fact, the couple said they love Whataburger so much that they visit twice a day every single day.

The Whataburger team decided to throw this couple an anniversary party. There was a reserved table decorated to the nines with a Whataburger table cloth, flowers, balloons, and a cake. All for Danny and B.J.

“This is the ultimate treatment you get as a customer, but I like to call it friendship,” said B.J.

B.J. and Danny see the employees at this Whataburger as their adoptive grandchildren, and the employees say they feel the exact same way about this couple.

“It makes me so happy that I get to come here and see their happy little faces,” said Whataburger employee Brooklyn Knorr.

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