WCPL spotlights local trailblazer Madam Pauline Tabor

Women's History Month 2023

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Throughout Women’s History Month, the Warren County Public Library is honoring the accomplishments of notable women.

Among national trailblazers, one local entrepreneur’s story is being shared.

Madam Pauline Tabor, a historical figure in Bowling Green’s red-light district, was a successful brothel owner and gambler who rose to become one of the city’s wealthiest and most influential citizens.

Her controversial legacy remains a topic of debate, with some celebrating her contributions to the city’s history, while others condemn her activities.

In addition to her notable influence in the sex work industry of Bowling Green, Madam Pauline Tabor’s lesser-known contributions to the local school systems were also extremely impactful.

Warren County Public Library assistant librarian Emily Cox said, “She donated to a lot of schools and helped get lunches in there and feed them and do extracurricular activities with them. I know I read an article before about how she volunteer her time in the afternoons, and when she was free from the brothel, to go down and just hang out with the kids when they played.”

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