Water main breaks in downtown Bowling Green

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Wednesday, there were multiple water main breaks in Bowling Green and crews were battling these for more than 24 hours.

Utility workers were out much of the morning, Wednesday, working to repair water main breaks in Bowling Green.

Water mains often break in extreme cold, according to workers, because the ground freezes and shifts in the cold.

Some of the Bowling Green Municipal Utilities Water workers have been working more than 24 hours at a time dealing with the issues.

One worker, Jason Duckett, explains how they repair a break.

“They get a back hoe and they start digging the line out. Then once they get the line dug out, the crews will get down in the water with the water spraying on the water main and try to get a clamp on it. If they can’t get a clamp on it, sometimes we actually have to insert a pipe into the line,” said Duckett.

According to Mike Gardner with BGMU, water mains just break sometimes.

But, he says, pipes in your home don’t have to.

Running a small stream of water through your taps constantly during the freezing cold can save you from a lot of damage.

“We recommend a thin stream of water rather than a drip. It takes a little bit of water flowing to do that. The cost to do that is not very great. You won’t see that hardly on the bill but it will save a lot of problems from it freezing up right there,” said Gardner.

Gardner also recommends knowing where and how to shut off the water in your home so that if a disaster does happen, the damage won’t be as severe.

“We recommend everybody, each homeowner, have a meter wrench, a T-wrench, to shut off their water meter. Now, if somebody has a line break, we will certainly come out and turn off the meter but there can be a lot of water flow before we can actually get to the scene,” said Gardner.

Crews expect more water main lines to break once the ground thaws as the ground shifts around the pipes again.

They ask for patience as they work to fix each incident.