Warren County Teen Court celebrates successful year

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-Warren County Teen Court held their end of year banquet tonight to commemorate the work students have done this past year. 

The Teen Court gives area high school students the chance to have hands-on experience in a courtroom with real cases. The students acted as attorneys in actual non-violent juvenile court cases. 

The Teen Court can recommend constructive sentencing like community service, counseling, or other creative ideas like having to serve on the Teen Court jury in the future. 

It’s a great opportunity for students who want to go into law…it’s the only time in high school they’ll have experience that’s not a mock trial. 

“They exemplified professionalism and maturity, they were outstanding advocates for their clients and have done a remarkable job this semester,” said Warren District Judge Kimberly Geoghegan. 

“I get really sad because this is something I look forward to every single month is having this opportunity,” said Teen Court member Zoey Rackovan. 

Starting this August they’ll be recruiting for the next Teen Court. Any high school student in Warren County is eligible for the program.