Warren County Sheriff’s Office starts Chaplaincy program

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- The Warren County Sheriff’s Office has joined forces with eight local religious leaders, who will provide comfort in times of need.

According to Warren County Sheriff, Brett Hightower, the group met for the fist time on Thursday to discuss the implementation of the program.

Hightower tells WNKY that members of the group will respond and provide care and comfort during critical incidents, death notifications and other situations of distress.

Members of the group include:
Pastor Garry Mitchell, Focus Church,
Pastor Amilcar Ochoa, Minister NewLife Church,
Pastor John Lee Jr., Mount Zion Baptist Church,
Pastor Tim Harris, Woodburn Baptist Church,
Pastor Kenneth Grizzell, Greenwood Park Church of Christ,
Imam Sedin Agic, Islamic Center of Bowling Green,
Pastor Gregg Farrell, Crossland Community Church,
Pastor Adam Trent, Meadow Land Baptist Church

Hightower says the idea is something he thought of doing during his time running for office in 2018.