Warren County Schools prepare for arrival of students

BOWLING GREEN Ky.-As summer closes, the school doors open. August 7 is the first day back for Warren County Schools

In one of the busiest days of the year, the staff was hard at work getting the learning environment ready for the student’s arrival. 4th grade teacher at Bristow Elementary Lyndsey Duke said she’s ready for everyone to get here.

“I’m always really super excited whenever school is getting ready to start back. I love getting to see all our kiddos, and the past kiddos come back from last year and just getting to hug all of them,” Duke said.

Some preparations that take place include cleaning, getting the technology for each classroom, and planning out the next couple days of lessons.

Students are ready to jump back in and make new friends.

“My favorite 4th grade teacher was Mrs. Manning and my sister got Ms. Manning in 4th grade, and my favorite subject is science,” said Addie Dobbs, a rising 5th grader at Rockfield Elementary.

With all the work that goes into preparation, Duke said seeing the kids slide into a new school year is the light at the end of the tunnel.

“I am already ecstatic about it, and I’m just looking forward to seeing all their smiling faces, and really just getting to hug them all, and I really hope that the kids love all of the projects that we already have planned out,” Duke said.