Warren County Public Schools plans to recruit teachers from Warren County

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Warren County Public Schools is working to shore up any empty positions by attracting recent WKU graduates and other individuals right here in Warren County.

The thought process is that people who were invested in will, in turn, want to invest back into their community. Jennings Creek faculty member Shante’ Galloway personally believes this.

When we get the opportunity to recruit teachers from the Bowling Green area, it gets to add additional commitment to pour back into the community that poured into you, and I can share that with you from an experience. I attended Warren County Public Schools, and it’s with great pride that I get to pour back into our community…what they’ve poured into me,” Galloway said. 

Some students in the School of Teacher Education find this and the district at large to be an attractive option, such as middle grades education major Leah Painter. This is mostly down to how diverse the district is in comparison to others in the commonwealth.

Definitely the diversity, the diversity is a big thing to me. I get to meet with so many different cultures, so many new and unique students, and it just really is rewarding for me,” Painter said.