Warren County Attorney’s Office puts up “now hiring” board to help connect citizens with local jobs

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Many local businesses are hiring while there a many people unemployed and on the hunt for a job, so a local attorney’s office is trying to help.

In the Warren County Justice Center in a mediation room for family court, Warren County Attorney Amy Millikin and Jenilyn Hall, an enforcement specialist with the Warren County Child Support Division, decided to purchase and put up a white board one month ago.

That board is covered with names of nearby businesses that are currently hiring.

Because of the pandemic, not a lot of people come into the mediation room like they did before, so Hall decided to post a picture of the board on social media.

Two days later and the post already has over 450 shares.

Hall says she plans to update the board and post it bi-weekly until the courts reopen and people can come into the office in person once again.