USDA Investigates “Mystery Seeds” Arriving From China

The U.S. Department of Agriculture and agencies in dozens of states are investigating mysterious shipments of seeds arriving in mailboxes...without being ordered by the people receiving them. KARE's Kent Erdahl reports.

(KARE/NBC News) — The U.S. Department of Agriculture is investigating unsolicited packages of mystery seeds arriving in mailboxes across the country.

The seeds appear to be coming from China.

According to photos provided by Minnesota Department of Agriculture, the small packages can sometimes have a postmark from China, and appear to list a piece of small jewelry in its contents, along with a small package of seeds. A photo of a similar package shows similar seeds with a return address of Kyrgyzstan, along with planting instructions in English.

The source and motivation behind the mailings is under investigation.

Shipments of the mystery seeds have been reported in at least 35 states.

Anyone receiving the seeds is urged not to plant them or throw them away.

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