Unruly passenger forces emergency landing

(KFOR) A Dallas-bound plane coming from Pittsburgh was forced to make an emergency landing in Oklahoma City Tuesday when a belligerent passenger became aggressive.

Body camera video released by the Oklahoma City Police Department shows applause from the cabin of the plane as 32-year-old Brandon Cordell Ganus was escorted off the aircraftafter becoming aggressive with the passengers and crew, hitting one of them.

According to a police report, once the plane landed in Oklahoma City, officers made their way onboard and Ganus was allegedly “bellowing an obscenity laden tirade that could be heard throughout the plane.”

Ganus allegedly had red, watery eyes and slurred speech. One of the officers wrote in the report that the smell of alcohol was “so overpowering that I easily detected it long before I reached him.”

“Passengers restrained him, along with the crew. They used a zip tie one of his hands and duct tape on the other to try to keep his hands secure so that he was not able to hit anybody else,” Oklahoma Police Master Sgt. Gary Knight said.

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