UK expert discusses uses of Wegovy, other weight loss drugs

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Many medications for weight loss like Wegovy are known to help people with diabetes and high blood pressure.

According to Brooke Hudspeth, associate dean of UK College of Pharmacy, “Medications that are indicated for patients whose BMI or body mass index put them in the overweight or obese category, especially if they have conditions that can be worsened by carrying around that extra weight….Decreasing the amount of calories that are taken in increasing physical activity and other strategies to help with weight loss, and they still are used in patients with diabetes. They have multiple benefits they work in different ways in peoples bodies to decrease the amount of glucose that is being produced helping with the insulin response.”

Along with the medication, doctors also recommended many lifestyle changes. While observing patients taking this medication, experts saw positive changes in several patients’ health and discover ways to make it beneficial for other people who are overweight.

Hudspeth also says, “When they look at these medications, even further they recognize that these actually have weight loss benefits in patients that don’t have diabetes, so now there are some of the same medications that have been used and are still being used in patients with diabetes, but now they are being developed at higher dose that is indicated for patients that may not have diabetes but need to have that weight loss.”