Two mayors meet to discuss initiatives between Bowling Green and Somerset

BOWLING GREEN Ky.-Bowling Green Mayor Bruce Wilkerson met Wednesday with Somerset Mayor Alan Keck to discuss future initiatives between the two cities.

The two mayors discussed how both cities can work together to emphasize the arts. From music to performing to visual arts, Keck said the arts in Kentucky are growing rapidly, and this would be a good time to showcase it.

It’s not yet known what exactly will come from this partnership, but Wilkerson said he’s looking forward to seeing how the two cities can work together to make something happen.

Both mayors said they’re excited to see where this goes.

“One of the things that we’re talking about is not only visual arts, but also music. Kentucky is really getting famous for tremendous singer and songwriter style musicians. Maybe that’s something we could focus on here as well,” Keck said.

“We’re looking at what we might be able to share in common. I was exploring this potential partnership with him, looking at things that were going on online to figure out what might fit for Somerset and Bowling Green together,” Wilkerson said.