Trump: “you’ll soon find out” if U.S. plans Iran strike

(NBC News) President Donald Trump on Thursday said the public will “soon find out” about a U.S. response to Iran shooting down an American military drone in the Persian Gulf that the president insisted was in international territory.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard says it shot down the drone in Iranian airspace, but the Pentagon released declassified video Thursday that it said proves otherwise.

During an appearance at the White House Thursday, the president said fortunately it was an unmanned drone, and hinted that the incident may have been an accident.

“I have a feeling that someone under the command of that country made a big mistake,” he said. “I find it hard to believe it was intentional. It could have been someone who was loose and stupid who did it.”

Mr. Trump went on to say he does not want a war with Iran, but he would not comment on whether or not the U.S. will strike back. For his part, the commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard said Thursday that his country has no intention of war.

This latest strike comes amid rising tensions in the region, with American officials blaming Iran for what they said was an attack on two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman last week. Iran has denied any involvement.

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