Trump and Biden battle over impeachment

(NBC News) President Donald Trump and Former Vice President Joe Biden are in a war of words over impeachment.

Biden called for Trump’s impeachment during a campaign speech on Wednesday, saying, “He is shooting holes in our constitution and we cannot allow him to get away with it.”

Trump fired back at Biden on Twitter, and later, at a White House event.

“Biden is dropping like a rock. I don’t think he’s going to make it,” said Mr. Trump. “He sees what’s happening to him, I guess he’s no longer the front-runner.”

The president later suggested that he might cooperate with the House’s impeachment inquiry if the House votes to authorize the investigation. The White House has previously refused to cooperate with the inquiry, accusing Democrats of violating “fairness” and “due process,” in part because the full House hasn’t voted on the inquiry – something that is not required in the constitution.

“The House does not need to hold a vote to start an impeachment inquiry, there is nothing in the Constitution that says they have to, the House can determine for itself how to conduct an impeachment inquiry,” explains Elizabeth Wydra, president of the Constitutional Accountability Center.

The president will likely address the ongoing impeachment inquiry tonight at rally in Minnesota. It’s his first campaign event since the release of that whistleblower complaint, which led to the inquiry.

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