TJ Samson completes its first organ harvest, Glasgow declares April National Donate Life Month

GLASGOW, Ky. – Organ donation is a big topic right now in Glasgow after the mayor signed a proclamation and the local hospital performed their very first vital organ harvest all in the same week.

What if you found out that you desperately needed an organ transplant?

Someone is added to the organ transplant list every 10 minutes, and 22 people die every single day waiting for a transplant, according to the United Network for Organ Sharing.

With that in mind, the City of Glasgow signed a proclamation deeming April National Donate Life Month.

Barren County Circuit Court Clerk Chrissie Coe Fields was excited to get the proclamation signed.

“Anything that someone else can use after I’m gone, you know, that is wonderful. Potentially saving lives and helping burn victims, helping individuals, which is something that I’ve always wanted, been doing, as a public servant, is what I stand for and it’s what gets me through the days,” said Coe Fields.

The proclamation could not have come at a better time.

Just days before, T.J. Samson Community Hospital performed its very first vital organ harvest.

An amazing first, according to Stacey Biggs, the Executive Vice President of Marketing at TJ Samson,’s something she hopes will encourage others to sign up to be an organ donor.

“What a great gift to give to another person. And to make that decision in advance that when I’m gone, if I am able, I want to give my organs to save more lives. I just can’t think of a more beautiful gift than that to give to give to someone else. But to make that decision in advance is so much easier for your physicians and your family members,” said Biggs.

The decision anyone can make, but not everyone can fulfill.

Donating vital organs isn’t extremely common, as a person must essentially be brain dead but have a fully functioning body to qualify as a donor.

“I just think it’s so important that we honor this patient and the patient’s family because what they did was heroic. It was very, very brave. It was one of the most emotional experiences that I have ever seen, and it was just really a beautiful gift and so we want to make sure that we honor her appropriately for what she gave,” said Biggs.

The patient’s family was able to raise a flag to honor her in front of the hospital as a reminder to passersby of her incredible donation.

If you want to be an organ donor, tell your family, and register at