Timeline of events in the search for Noah and Amber Clare

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Missing kids, Noah and Amber Clare are found safe in California thanks to one woman who says she just had to say something when she spotted them on a beach in Orange County.

It had been over two weeks since 16-year-old Amber Clare and three-year-old Noah went missing from Beaver Dam, Kentucky.

News 40 is now breaking down the timeline of events leading to their rescue on Thursday morning.

Investigators believe that on or around October 30th, Jake Clare bought a silver Subaru from an individual on Facebook marketplace.

On November 5th, three-year-old, Noah Clare, from Gallatin, Tennessee, went to visit his father, Jake, in Beaver Dam, Kentucky. This is the last day Noah, Jake and his 16-year-old niece, Amber Clare, are seen.

On November 7th, Noah’s mother reported to the Gallatin Police Department her ex-boyfriend, Jake Clare, failed to return their three-year-old son at the conclusion of a scheduled visitation. Also on November 7th, license plate readers in Arizona spotted the silver subaru traveling on Highway 95, near the Bill Williams Bridge. Several stickers placed on the back of the vehicle had been removed, and the vehicle had been fully loaded with clothing, camping gear, and other items.

On November 8th, the boy’s mother applied for an emergency motion to suspend parenting time, which the court granted, along with a temporary restraining order. Gallatin Police soon secured a warrant, charging Jake Clare with one count of Custodial Interference, after which the TBI issued a Tennessee Endangered Child Alert for Noah Clare.

On November 11th, surveillance photos show the three walking with camping gear in San Clemente, California.

On November 13th, a tow company in San Clemente, California impounded the vehicle and, after learning about it on November 16th, law enforcement secured and processed any evidence that might prove helpful in generating additional investigative leads.

On November 16th, following ongoing investigative work and the addition of a charge of Especially Aggravated Kidnapping, the TBI issued a Tennessee AMBER Alert for Noah Clare. An AMBER Alert was also issued in Arizona, along with an Endangered Missing Advisory issued in California.

Because of that alert, California resident Julia Bonin recognized the three on a beach on November 18th while driving her son to school. She now says she is so glad she followed her instincts.

“When you have an instinct like that you can’t, like my friend said I would have regretted it had I not turned around.It just would have lingered with me,” said Bonin in a press conference Thursday.

Jake Clare is facing an aggravated kidnapping charge in Kentucky and an especially aggravated charge in Tennessee.