Throwback Thursday – Revisiting the haunts at Octagon Hall

The mysterious eight-sided home just south of Bowling Green off highway 31-W is perhaps the most haunted place in the entire south. This week Throwback Thursday revisits Octagon Hall, where researchers have conducted more than 250 paranormal investigations far and wide. Featured on major networks like Discovery, History, Sy-Fy, Travel, and more, the supernatural is expected here. But what exactly happens? And why?

Taking 12 years to build by the Caldwell family, from 1847 to 1859, this antebellum era Octagon Hall was once part of a Confederate Civil War encampment, overtaken by Union troops, then a military hospital, and eventually a residence. Known to be Confederate sympathizers, the Caldwells were harassed by Union soldiers and never gave up the lost rebel cause. Many paranormal investigations of the hall revolve around Civil War stories of soldiers, slaves, and southern revenge.

Octagon Hall Museum hosts novice ghost hunts every weekend in October, and more throughout the year. Overnight professional supernatural hunts can also be booked. 

The Nightstalkers Paranormal Researcher team has been studying this place for years. They record and analyze all audio of ghost hunt interviews. They say if you listen closely, you can hear whispers in other voices laid over the real-time conversation, as they say the supernatural world doesn’t always communicate in recognizable frequencies. The paranormal research team has provided us with brief seemingly paranormal event sound bytes. What do you hear? What does it sound like to you?

Visit the Octagon Hall Museum website for more, and follow the Nightstalkers Paranormal Research team on Facebook for more events.