Warren County Sheriff’s Office hoping to purchase Narcan kits

BOWLING GREEN Ky.- In the world of law enforcement, officers and victims are often exposed to dangerous substances. A medicine called Narcan, or Naloxone, is a powerful drug that can treat those who are experiencing an overdose.

This nasal spray like medication is sometimes administered to people before medical help arrives. With its powerful effect, it’s no surprise that the drug is expensive. Warren County sheriff Brett Hightower says he’s working on a way to get Narcan for his team.

“Once we get a policy in place, then what we will do is we’ll look at a funding stream potentially for the Naloxone. It typically costs for two different administrations of it, about $84. We’re looking at potentially grant money, or other opportunities that might be able to purchase that for us, so we can have it on our deputies at all times,” said Hightower.

According to Hightower, having deputies always equipped with Narcan will make the community safer.

“You want to use it as appropriate, and if we come across someone who has had a drug overdose, or if we have an officer that has become exposed to it through their daily duties, we can utilize it to keep them from getting into an overdose situation or overdose death. It’s very important that we look at all aspects of this, as we see somewhat of an increase across the state of Kentucky with opioid abuse and addiction, we just want to be prepared at all times,” said Hightower

The Bowling Green Police Department already equips its offices with Narcan.

In Kentucky alone, deaths by overdose have climbed to over 1,500 each year, according to the office of drug control policy.