Texas man survives nail through heart

(KPRC) Aaron knows a thing or two about construction. In fact, the furniture builder had begun to build a new home for him and his family.

The project progressed without error, until the morning of September 3, when Aaron picked up his nail gun.

“I went to do a little framing work and I got the gun out, set everything up. Actually went to nail in some two-by-fours. The hose was caught around it. So, when I moved the gun, it went off.”

The three-inch nail-pierced Aaron’s chest, puncturing the outer layer of his heart. A friend who was with Aaron assisting with the construction project called 911. He also called Aaron’s wife, Liz.

“He calls me and says you know if I’m calling it’s bad. And I said what happened,” Liz said.

Aaron was still conscious, although fading.

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