Tennessee offers online gun permits

(WSMV/NBC News) Firearms instructor Shane Kerwin isn’t a fan of Tennessee’s newest gun law.

Backed by the NRA, the new law allows people to get their conceal carry permits online, meaning they could get their permit without ever having shot a gun.

All they have to do is take a 90 minute online course, instead of taking the previously required eight hour in person, hands-on course.

“I think, probably, our biggest concern is that people will just take the online class and then not seek out any additional training and think that, ‘Well, I’ve done that so now I’m actually qualified to do this,'” Kerwin says.

State Representative Andy Holt sponsored the bill, and says it’s about saving people money and time.

“You know, if we’re talking about having to take a class that requires eight hours of classroom instruction, then that means I’m going to have to be away from my family, away for an entire day,” Holt says.

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