Summer safety: avoiding dehydration

(NBC News) Emergency room physician Dr. Shabana Walia says heat exhaustion is the most common illness that comes into the ER every summer, and it’s not always easy to realize when it’s happening to you.

She says before you ever go outside, make sure you’re getting plenty of water every day.

Fortunately, hydrating foods can help.

“About 20% of our daily intake of water actually comes from food,” Dr. Walia notes.

Those foods are all mostly made up of water, so they’re perfect summertime snacks.

“The most hydrating vegetable that you can eat is probably a cucumber that has about 91% water content. The most hydrating fruit is watermelon. That’s where the name comes from,” Dr Walia says.

If you start to feel dizzy, tired, and weak in the sun, the first thing you need to do is get to shade.

Then, two water bottles in ten minutes is about the magic number that you need to get back on track to start feeling a little bit better.

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