Summer Jam Camp brings the fun without the cost

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-School is out and now summer camps are happening all around our community… and one in particular is making a difference. 

“It’s a great feeling. It’s a place where a kid can be a kid and that’s what we wanna do here,” said Oakland Elementary Family Resource Coordinator Nicole DeFreeze. 

Summer Jam Camp is free for students at Oakland Elementary. 

“Summer Jam Camp is about having fun, meeting new friends,” said camper Andrews. 

Two important things that DeFreeze thinks every child should get to do while on summer break… but she realized in 2017… that a trip to summer camp wasn’t something every family could afford.

“I love kids and I saw there was a need. I had a lot of kids where they couldn’t afford to go on summer vacation. Everything’s expensive. It was expensive then and it’s very expensive now. And so I wanted to have a place where a kid could feel like they’re on vacation and they’re having a good time,” said DeFreeze. 

The kids get to do everything from arts and crafts, swinging on the monkey bars at the local playground, and taking a field trip to the splash pad in Circus Square Park. 

“On Wednesday we went to the movies,” said camper Elias.

The camp’s activities and free meals are funded entirely through donations from our community and sponsorships… with a mission to make it a summer filled with lasting memories and friendships. 

“I love Summer Jam Camp because I get to see all my friends. And it is…I love all the games here and I love Mrs. DeFreeze,” said camper Adaline.

“You have fun and you can see other people and you see your friends,” said camper Josslyn.