Stumbo stumps at Bowling Green Rotary

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – On Wednesday afternoon, the Democratic candidate for Kentucky attorney general, Greg Stumbo, visited the Bowling Green Rotary Club where he talked about some of the issues he’s ready to address if he is victorious in Tuesday’s general election.

Helping end opioid abuse by prosecuting the pharmaceutical companies that he said are responsible for the cycle of addiction is a primary goal of his is he wins the election. He also told Rotarians he believes legalizing medical marijuana would help reduce the use of opioid pain medications for those with chronic pain based on the experiences in states that have already legalized medical marijuana.

There were also some lighter moments. Stumbo and retired house speaker Jody Richards traded light-hearted barbs about their years of service.

Stumbo’s challenger, Republican candidate Daniel Cameron, was invited to address the Rotary but did not respond to their invitation.