Students of the Russellville Independent Schools will be dismissed early Friday Oct. 22

RUSSELLVILLE Ky.-The Russellville Independent School District is emphasizing that parents prepare for an update to the close of the school day this coming Friday.

Due to a combination of factors, students in this district will be dismissed earlier than usual for Friday October 2 only. A social media post from the district reads that dismissing school early is the only option after exhausting all other possibilities.

The Russellville Preschool Academy, along with Russellville Middle and High School will dismiss students for the day at 1:30 pm. Stevenson Elementary Students will be released at 2:05 pm. All staff will work their regular hours that day.

Russellville High School Principal Rex Booth says he’s proud to see some teachers step up to fill in for bus drivers, and other administrators are working to do the same.

“The beautiful thing about Russellville Independent is that we’re a small school district, and it’s more like family. When one department is struggling, we try to come together and help that department as best we can. We have two teachers that are currently subbing as drivers. Some of us as administrators are about to begin our CDL work so that we can in fact drive a bus and when we get in a pinch, we’ll be able to step in and drive busses as well,” Booth said.