Students and adults learn computer coding in Barren County

GLASGOW, Ky. – Some 36 students are celebrating after being the first class to complete and graduate from the Interapt Skills program at Barren County High School.

“Interapt Skills is an innovative training program. We are trying to teach people how to program in underserved areas, like Glasgow. It’s a rural area. We want to teach them how to code and bring them into the software development community,” director of curriculum for Interapt Skills Izaak Prats said.

This program is unique because it is the first to teach adults and high school students at the same time. Barren County High School students and adults in the community were thrilled to be a part of this new program.

“I love it. It keeps me entertained and keeps me busy. Unlike traditional classroom settings, this is a lot more enjoyable,” said Barren County High School student Dakota Brown.

“This program is our first high school and workforce adult program that we have together. It is super important because this is the first time we are finishing an IOS cohort and we are getting people ready to go directly into the workforce,” Prats said.

“I wanted to find a career to go into versus an everyday job,” said adult student Jamie Cummings.

Prats developed the curriculum for Interapt Skills in 2016 after realizing the need for more technology-based programs.

“I went to high school at one of the best high schools in the state and even there they did not teach us properly how to code, and I was very frustrated with that circumstance. I wanted to be able to get into technology, but I just didn’t have resources around me. That sort of fueled me to develop a curriculum to help people go from zero to 100. It is super important because bringing in high tech curriculum into areas like this all them to keep up with a modern work force,” added Prats.

Prats says this program prepares students for a career that is in high demand.

“In the next 10 years we can’t predict what is going to happen, but we know it is on a path of high-tech things. We are going to need more software engineers and more people who understand how computers work. As of now the current high school system and college system is not supporting that properly. That’s why Interapt Skills is so important,” Prats said.

Prats hopes local employers will look into hiring students from this program for their future technology needs.