St. Joseph explores offering Catholic high school

BOWLING GREEN Ky.- St. Joseph Interparochial School in Bowling Green currently offers classes for students in pre-school through eighth grade.

Just recently, the school sent a survey asking parents if they think the school should expand by adding high school classes.

St. Joseph principal Rodney Schwartz said this is a project that he’s wanted to work on since his first day on the job.

“When I first got this job two years ago, that was one of the questions they asked me during the interview. Later, they wanted us to consider thinking about redoing a high school here. We had one here several decades ago, and they’re thinking of putting a Catholic high school here to see how it would go over,” Schwartz said.

The survey included questions such as how likely parents would be to enroll their children in classes at the proposed Catholic high school. Schwartz also mentions that having a Catholic school here would benefit the community overall.

While this goal could take years to achieve, Schwartz said he’s glad to start the process.

“It’s still early to get too excited because we have a lot of ground work to do before we ever get to that point. Before we get to the point of enrolling people or hiring teachers, we have a lot of ground work to do to see who’s interested and what kind of numbers we would have,” Schwartz said.