Special Olympics medal ceremony

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – A local Olympic athlete received a special gold medal on Monday.

“You guys remember the Pride of Bowling Green in 2007… I remember when you guys came back into town from China, the Bowling Green basketball team represented the United States; was the United States basketball team in the Special Olympics in Shanghai, China in 2007,” Brett Guthrie, Kentucky’s 2nd District congressman, says.

Natalie Williams, the point guard of the 2007 Special Olympics basketball team, received a replacement medal after her original was lost due to the deadly tornadoes of December 2021.

“Natalie lost her gold medal in the tornado, so their house was completely devastated. They’re in Whispering Hills, right in the direct hit of the path. So many people lost so many things, and her dad came to me, ‘Was there any way to get another gold medal?'” Guthrie says.

Guthrie has a contact with the Special Olympics team and made sure to get Natalie a replacement as soon as possible.

“It means the world to get the medal back… to be able to remember my friends that I stood side by side for many years… trying, training, getting ready to go to the Shanghai, China games, to win the gold medal, to be able to be with them and have the experience of a lifetime,” Williams says.

Williams also says she is grateful for the ceremony and was able to find her jersey from the trip… she just needed the medal to complete her collection.