Some Kentucky families are struggling to afford housing

BOWLING GREEN Ky.-Housing for some families is a guarantee. For others, it’s a blessing and a stretch. This struggle is made worse with a low minimum wage that doesn’t keep up well with the cost of living.

According to the Habitat for Humanity website, one in four Kentucky families face the threat of poverty housing. One of every four Kentucky children also can’t get the resources they need and live in poverty as a result. This has been noticed not only by Habitat for Humanity, but also the Housing Authority of Bowling Green.

“You can never get to the point where it doesn’t pull on your heartstrings. You have to be fully invested in order to truly make a difference in people’s lives,” said community initiative director of the Housing Authority of Bowling Green Renea Covington.

Project manager of the Housing Authority of Bowling Green Shannah Dixon says budgeting isn’t always an option for these families.

“We deal with people who are extremely low-income families. Of course,’ it’s easy for you to say to prioritize the income that’s coming in, but sometimes that’s just not enough to stretch,” Dixon said.

It takes the help of housing authorities to get Kentucky families out of the downward spiral.

“All of the rent is based upon income. Immediately when families have a change in their income, they have up to 10 days to come in and report it so we can make those necessary adjustments. That means most of the time lowering their rent to where it’s at least affordable,” Dixon said.

While the situation is heartbreaking, Dixon said it’s all worth it when once struggling-now thriving families look at how far they’ve come.

“We’ve seen a lot of families, generations of families who have come out, who have prospered living here. we offer a tremendous amount of social programming that allow persons to get up on their feet so that they can come back and share those stories with us. We look forward to them,” Dixon said.