Sip2Go encourages kids to explore the world through science 

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – A science-based play land is traveling across the commonwealth encouraging children to have fun and explore the world around them. This weekend it opens in Bowling Green.

The Kentucky Science Center has created a mobile version of their early-childhood learning experience, Science in Play. It’s called Sip2Go, and it opens at the Warren County Public Library downtown Saturday.

Children and their families create roller coasters, experiment with a larger than life Light Bright and build with various blocks and shapes.

“It changes every week. So, there is something new to explore, create and share in the depot every single week. So, for now it’s constellations, so we have our constellation box that you can crawl into and look at the lights,” said Katie Hudson, experience specialist at Kentucky Science Center.

Since its launch, Sip2go has welcomed more than 50,000 visitors around Kentucky. They spend three months at a time in each county.

“The focus is on counties in that area where children would be less likely to go to Louisville and experience the Science Center for themselves,” said Kate Harris experience specialist at Kentucky Science Center.

Learning themes will range from space science to caves. Mammoth Cave National Park made contributions to the learning center.

“We were actually very fortunate to be so close to Mammoth Cave, they lent us a whole bunch of materials for our cave theme that we have in the second weak of July,” said Hudson.

The learning experience has been well received by parents. According to the Kentucky Science Center, 90% of those surveyed say that the experience helped encourage new skills in their children.

“When you give children the opportunity to explore the world around them, in a way that is more opened ended, they learn a lot more because it’s self-directed,” said Harris.

It’s free to participate in Sip2Go, and it will be at the library until August.