Sen. Rand Paul in Morgantown, talks 9/11 anniversary

MORGANTOWN, Ky.- On Wednesday afternoon, Senator Rand Paul visited the University of Kentucky Extension Office in Morgantown. 

Dozens of community leaders attended to discuss issues important to them and their local area. Topics included the idea of natural immunity from having Covid, children and vaccinations, unemployment checks, and the Afghanistan exit. 

After the event, News 40 asked Paul how he feels the country is doing today compared to 20 years ago as we approach the 20th anniversary of 9/11 on Saturday. 

“Over that 20-year period of time I think some of the lessons we learned are to be very careful about vetting people who come to our country. Most of the people who attacked us are people who came legally under our Visa system but then they overstayed their Visa. We didn’t have a good handle for them or if they were radical or came here with bad intentions. I think we still need to be vigilant about those who come here, making sure they obey our rules and that they aren’t using our Visa system to come here to attack us. As far as the way that went on for 20-some years in Afghanistan, I think the lesson is not that we left too soon but we stayed too long,” said Paul. 

Paul also visited Beaver Dam, Calhoun, Madisonville and Greenville Wednesday.