Sen. Paul speaks on gun reform

BARREN CO., Ky.-Senator Rand Paul was in Glasgow this morning at the Barren County Economic Authority. 

Sen. Paul met with local leaders and business owners to discuss issues they are facing in the community. 

He also addressed what needs to be done after the recent mass shootings in states around the country…saying he doesn’t think we need to ban weapons or regulate the amount of ammunition that you’re able to  put into a gun at a time. Instead, we need to recognize signs before a shooting happens. 

“There is a problem. And the problem is, and it’s primarily male teenagers with either mental illness or homicidal suicidal kind of thoughts. We need to find the kind of kids that fit into this category, particularly if they’re committing some kind of crime that we can actually prosecute. We should have zero tolerance for people who are making threats to other kids,” said Sen. Paul. 

The Democrats have a bill called ‘Protecting Our Kids Act’ that the House is expected to take action on next week.