Secretary of State stops by Bowling Green Rotary Club

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-Kentucky Secretary of State Michael Adams stopped by the Rotary Club today at the Bowling Green Country Club. 

Adams spoke to members about how the primary elections went last month. He said voter turnout was lower than expected…but is hoping for higher numbers for the general election in November. 

In November people will be voting for our representatives for the U.S. Senate, U.S. House, legislature, city and county races, and two constitutional amendments.

“When you’re a public official, communication is a two way street. I gotta hear from people and I need them to hear from me too. And with all the changes I have to make sure they’re clearly communicated and you have to get around the state to do that. Make sure people know what their options are so they can utilize them,” said Adams. 

Adams also brought up that unfortunately there are some people around the state who lost by large margins and are demanding recounts in uncompetitive races. 

He said this is a misuse of government resources, people’s time and the recount process. They will be in court arguing that it’s not an appropriate action and working on legislation next year to close the loophole.