Secretary Adams predicts 45% voter turnout, what to know about Election Day

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-The election is looming on the horizon and Secretary of State Michael Adams has some tips as early voting begins tomorrow. 

Early voting is a great way to cast your vote if you are unable to vote on election day. 

Today is the last day for absentee in-person voting. If you are voting by mail-in absentee, those need to be received by November 8 at 6 p.m. for your vote to count. 

Because of the numerous ways to vote, Adams says he expects a high turnout this year. 

“We’ve already had about 50,000 voters cast votes already and the elections’ not over till next week. So based on that I’m thinking about a 45% turnout which is decent for a midterm election,” said Adams. 

Around elections, there is always concern of election fraud. But Adams said to not worry, there are new improvements made this year to make sure they are protecting votes. 

“We’ve put video surveillance on the ballot boxes, on the ballot scanners when they’re not being voted on. Obviously it’s a secret ballot, we want people to vote in secret, it’s’ their right under the Constitution. But, now that we’ve got multiple days to vote, we gotta have a process to make sure that we’re surveilling all of this during the nonvoting hours,” said Adams. 

The early voting period begins tomorrow and ends Saturday. Check your county clerk’s website for times that your voting locations are open.