School Resource Officers hard at work serving students

EDMONTON Ky.-A school day morning leads to the delight of officer Michael Taylor, a school resource officer of the Metcalfe County School District.

Taylor starts his mornings by greeting the children as they get dropped off at Metcalfe County Elementary and leading them to the building safely. For Taylor, the position of SRO was calling to him.

“I love kids, and I saw this as a great opportunity to help out much more than I could,” Taylor said.

The position of school resource officer involves wearing multiple hats, including mentoring, and being a support for the students and staff. Part of Taylor’s day includes walking the preschool students to class.

“We want to show that we love each and every one of them. We do anything and everything we can to make their day enjoyable here at the Elementary School, and always of the upmost keep them safe,” Taylor said.

Meanwhile at Metcalfe County High and Middle Schools, officer Joshua Neal is also hard at work being a support for the school community, which includes assisting in fire drills for example. A position that requires long hours, and as Neal puts it, the satisfaction of serving the students.

“I get here early in the morning; we do a walk-through in the school. We check all the doors to make sure everything is secure for the students to make it as safe as possible for them. I’m an officer in the school building, but I also work with the school staff, and we all work together great. We just want to make a safe environment for the students to learn and get through their day with no incidents,” Neal said.

With all that the SROs do, district officials say it’s uplifting to know they’re a part of the team and emphasize that they’re a crucial part of the hornet family.

“I couldn’t be happier and prouder of the people we have that are doing that work. It’s important for people to know that our SROs, they don’t just do the police work, but they’re also mentors, they take their time to talk with our young people. They keep them safe but also provide a shoulder on which to lean, and we’re appreciative,” said Metcalfe County School District Superintendent Josh Hurt.

Since 2019, the Metcalfe County School District has had a school police department called SLEO, which stands for special law enforcement officer. The certified officers have jurisdiction on school grounds, and at some school events off campus.

On the topic of school safety, the district is currently asking students to take the ‘be a safety star’ pledge. Counties in the state will be ranked based on the number of pledges. To learn more on taking the pledge, follow this link.