Salt and grime can damage your car

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The winter storm has now passed, but your car could still be damaged by the aftermath.

Leaving salt and dirt on your car can cause damage.

Daniel Lawson, director of operations for Cheetah Clean Auto Wash in Bowling Green, saying when the salt trucks treat the roads, car washes start getting really busy.

“Since the snow hit, you know, that’s game time for us. Business has skyrocketed. When snow hits, salt trucks come out. We look forward to the winter season for the salt just as much as we look forward [to] May when the bugs start hitting the windshields,” said Lawson.

If you have a car, it’s likely covered in dried salt following the winter storm that hit the area last week.

That salt needs to be washed off your car to protect your vehicle from erosive damage.

Salt is damaging to metal and other materials and, if not washed off, can corrode the underside of your car, according to Colton Shea, the owner of Soap My Ride in Bowling Green.

“I think you should wash as soon as you can when the sun has dried the roads and it’s clear enough to wash and then you should wash again once all the salt is definitely off of the roads,” said Shea.

With rain in the forecast, you may be tempted to skip that wash, but Shea says, rain and a wash are not the same thing.

“It’s going to be a very busy afternoon and hopefully a very busy rest of the week and so I know it does look like there is some rain in the future forecast but that is not going to clean the underside of your vehicle. You really still need to get in here and make sure those exposed parts are taken care of,” said Shea.

It is also a good idea to wash the inside edges of your car where you step inside as well to protect the edges of the paint.