SAFY in Need of Foster Parents

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – May is Foster Care Awareness Month, and SAFY of Bowling Green is looking for brand new foster parents. The best part is you don’t even need to have knowledge about what to do.

“Whenever I went through the process of becoming licensed and a foster parent, there were lots of training courses that I took along with other parents that were becoming foster parents, things that covered things like grief and separation and loss and
cultural competencies, understanding trauma and how that affects the brain, how the brain is wired and how kids are even developing through these traumatic situations that they’ve experienced in their early childhood lives,” Derek Cain, Foster Parent Recruiter at SAFY says.

SAFY hopes to help children leave foster care with strengthened minds and stable families. A key part of this is developing a relationship with your child.

“The foster parents are with the youth that are in their home all of the time. You know, they’re at school, of course, and they get to have the support of their teachers and other counselors and other resources at school. But then when they’re home, they need that kind of parental touch. They need that family support that goes along with the healthy upbringing and healthy lives of any child,” Cain says.

Right now, SAFY is in need of homes that are willing to take on these children, and they’d love for you to adopt.

“Right now, just to even meet the needs of the kids from Warren County that are coming into foster care, we need 20 homes and to be aware that there are kids that go to school with your kids that are in foster care, and they need support, they need encouragement. They need people to kind of come alongside them and help them understand that they’re not in this parenting thing alone,” Cain says.