Rock The Vote encourages WKU students to register to vote

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-Today is National Voter Registration Day and Western Kentucky University is making sure as many students as possible are registered. 

At Rock The Vote on campus this afternoon, students could simply scan a QR code to be registered to vote. Rock The Vote is a national effort to get young students engaged in the political process. 

It’s an easy way for students to get registered for the November 8th election and to learn more about the candidates they could be voting for. 

“1 out of every 4 young people are not voting. And not going to vote or registering to vote. And we want to make it easy for them, because for a lot of folks it’s a very intimidating process,” said WKU’s Coordinator of the Political Engagement Project Dr. Saundra Ardrey. 

The deadline to register is October 11th at 4pm. To register, click here.