Rescue Dog Returns The Favor

A dog abandoned outside of a Tennessee animal shelter during a July thunderstorm has a new owner and a new job: registered emotional support animal. WCYB's Kristen Quon reports.

(WCYB/NBC News) — A dog left tied to a pole during a thunderstorm has a new home and a new job: registered emotional support animal.

It began on a stormy night on July 29th. Surveillance cameras at Tennessee’s Hawkins County Humane Society caught a man tying a dog to a pole outside of their building.

Staff members found the dog, a lab mix, 12 hours after he was dropped off.

“We came in at 9 a.m., like we do every morning, except that morning there was a dog tied to this pole,” said kennel attendant Haleigh Davidson.

The dog, who was given the name Oakley, was in bad shape.

“He had no shelter, no food or water, and was pacing back and forth until his paws were bloody,” said Davidson.

The Humane Society gave him a bath, updated his shots, and posted his picture on their Facebook page.

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