Rep. Guthrie introduces over-the-counter drugs legislation

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- South central Kentucky Rep. Brett Guthrie has introduced bipartisan legislation to make more over-the-counter medications available to patients.

According to a news release, the legislation would reform the system that the FDA currently uses to review and approve new over-the-counter drugs for the market, known as the OTC monograph system.

“Every day, there are new innovations in health care and medications. We need to make sure that consumers see that innovation as soon as possible,” said Guthrie.

If approved, Guthrie said the measure would help get more safe over-the-counter drugs approved for the market sooner. Guthrie also said it would reduce the time it takes for drug makers to get the approval they need to update and refine existing over-the-counter products, allowing them to make safer and more effective over-the-counter drugs available to consumers sooner.