Renegade Race Fuels & Lubricants announces new hand sanitizer line

Renegade Hand Sanitizer

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. — According to a press release received Friday from Renegade Race Fuels & Lubricants, they have begun production of Renegade Hand Sanitizer. A division of Valor, LLC, Renegade has taken steps to help fulfill the increased demand for hand sanitizing products during the Covid-19 pandemic. A representative stated, “While many have entered quickly into the hand sanitizer market, we wanted to take our time and do it correctly to not only meet the temporary FDA requirements, but the long term requirements needed as well. Our hand sanitizer will be safe for regular use and also hospital use. There are also a lot of suppliers promising fulfillment of smaller packaging orders, that in reality cannot fulfill them. We feel like we are in a great position to fill both small and larger packaging orders.”

Also noted was that the Renegade division of Valor, feels that they are unique in that they have had no lay-offs or reduced pay during this time. “I am committed to not having any member of our Renegade staff become an unemployment statistic due to Covid-19, even if it comes out of my own back pocket,” said Renegade Founder, Toby Baptiste.

Renegade Hand Sanitizer is an FDA approved hand sanitizer, that is available in both liquid and gel form ideal for use outside the restroom to provide hand hygiene at the work-place or on the go. This product is manufactured through small batch blending, just like our performance fuels. This product is available in two ounce bottles, eight ounce bottles, one gallon jugs, quarts, five gallon pails, drums, and totes. Renegade is also an ethanol terminal; if you in need of alcohol for manufacturing and have a TTB permit and/or need hand sanitizer in bulk please call 800-733-3381.