Recovery center to add 32 new residential addiction treatment beds

BOWLING GREEN Ky.- Drug addiction can take a toll on families and individuals, whether it be from overdose, or illegal activity. One addiction recovery center is working to address the problem by adding 32 additional residential beds to its facility.

“By the end of this year, we’ll have three residential facilities in Kentucky, the first one being here in Bowling Green, which opens sometime within the next three weeks to a month,” said JourneyPure Kentucky Market Manager Jerry Lucas.

The purpose of the new residential facility is to give those struggling with drug related issues a safe place to recover. The experience comes complete not only with beds, but a cafeteria as well.

Warren County Attorney Amy Milliken said additional treatment beds are badly needed to address drug treatment issues which could have an overall impact on crime rates here.

“The more beds we have, the more we can fill those beds with individuals who need the treatment. What we’re seeing now is a delay. Many times, they’re staying in jail and they’re costing the taxpayers money, where we want to get them out of jail and into a treatment facility where they can be properly assessed and properly treated,” Milliken said.

With the new incoming treatment residence, Milliken said the world of addiction treatment is taking a step in the right direction, which is something those in criminal justice have wanted for a long time.

“I think everyone realizes that treatment is the ticket. We need to focus on getting these individuals better. whether it’s through the drug court, we all realize that the (path) to success is treatment. We want to get them on that road as quickly as possible. I’m thrilled JourneyPure is adding beds. That’s a win win for Warren County,” Milliken said.