Questions surround New York chopper crash

(NBC News) Investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board and Federal Aviation Administration continue to search for the cause of Monday’s fatal Manhattan helicopter crash.

“The wreckage is confined to the rooftop, It is highly fragmented, and a post-crash fire consumed much of the wreckage,” NTSB investigator Doug Brazy said Tuesday.

Video shot shortly before the crash appears to show the helicopter flying erratically.

The family of pilot Timothy McCormack, killed in the crash, says he died saving others in the crowded downtown area, with his brother writing “by putting the helicopter on the roof of a building, which took great skill, and in my opinion he saved many lives by doing such. It is a true act of heroism.”

The FAA, meanwhile, says McCormack did not have the required certificate that would have allowed him to legally fly when the visibility was less than three miles, like Monday’s foul weather.

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